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All systems are functioning normally and are happy.

11/21/13 4:30pm EST - The old server will be decommissioned permanently on December 8, 2013 at 1am EST. Any client who has hard coded the IP address must update to the new IP number of

11/18/13 11:30am EST - A couple of customers have been temporarily blocked in our firewall due to too many invalid login attempts. If you are a customer and cannot reach your website, our website or your email from your office, but you can your home or another location, please call Misty at 616-915-8444 to resolve the issue.

11/9/13 6pm EST - The new server is in place and the new DNS records are populating through the internet.

11/8/13, 2pm EST - It's Moving Day! We are starting the weekend move to the new server.

10/29/13, 7:30pm EST - The IP pool issues have been resolved. There may be caching issues until the change has populated around the internet. All systems are functioning normally.

10/29/13 , 4:15pm EST- The server is functioning correctly however there are intermittent issues with the IP pool at our service provider which are affecting web and email availability. The proper steps are being taken by the server admins to resolve this issue in a timely manner. Tickets have been submitted to our service provider and we are awaiting resolution.

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